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General Conditions For Polish Language Courses In Sopot

1. To register for a course, please complete The Application Form.
2. There is no registration deadline.
3. Signing the hereby document a student accepts the price of a course that s/he is going to attend.
4. The full payment for the group course should be made in advance before the first day of each course. The fee is non-refundable. There will be no refunds made when students miss classes. 
5. A student shall resign from a course only with two weeks notice.
6. The 500 PLN deposit is required when a student applies for a group course, individual training or needs a letter of acceptance.
7. There are three ways to pay for a course: by cash, bank transfer or by using 'paypal' system through CPS website.
8. If a student pays in cash the fee is acceptable in Euro, Polish zloty or in any other exchangeable currency. The final cost is related to the original price and the exchange rate.
9. Private or traveller's cheques are not accepted.
10. If paying via bank transfer or "paypal" system a student shall add any necessary bank commission charges to the course fee. Any outstanding monies shall be paid in the first class.
11. CPS reserves the right to place the student in a group. The groups are formed according to the level of the student's proficiency in Polish (following the preliminary test completed by the student).
12. Regular group courses take place In groups of min. 3 students.
13. Intensive 2,3,4-week group courses ( “everyday classes”) take place in a group of minimum of 3 students.
14. For intensive 2, 3, 4-week group courses ( ‘everyday lessons’) CPS offers: 5 lessons a day in a group of 4 or more students; 4 lessons a day in a group of 3 students, 3 lessons a day in a group of 2 students, (in the event of one person registered for a group course CPS guarantees 2 lessons a day without changing the fees). One lesson is 45 minutes.
15. CPS reserves the right to either cancel or modify the course due to lack of minimum number of participants for a group course.
16. The topics covered in the group relate to the group level and students' interests.
17. Students attending individual classes can cancel a lesson by 4 p.m. the day before the scheduled lesson, otherwise they are charged by CPS.
19. A student may be asked to pay for some activities. For example, a ticket to the theatre, cinema or excursions that are organized by CPS.
20. All books shall be purchased by the student.
21. Students attending classes shall obey the following rule: a student shall not come to class late or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Any student doing so shall be expelled from the course.

The General Conditions are subject to Polish law. All contentious issues will be solved by a proper Polish court.




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* This offer is for information purposes. This offer does not constitute an offer within the meaning of art. 66 § 1 of the Civil Code and other relevant legislation.