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E-learning platform

Apart from classroom-and-teacher language courses, CPS&Aspre  also runs an innovative e-learning project - the e-learn Polish language platform!


What is e-learning?
E-learning, or electronic learning, is basically a way of learning which is supported by or based on technology. Compared to traditional classroom learning, e-learning can bring you numerous benefits, as it is:
time-saving – you can learn at your home or office, via the Internet, so you no longer need to waste time on commuting to the classroom or waiting for your teacher to come
comfortable – all you need for e-learning is your personal computer with Internet connection, instead of a text book, copy-book and tens of handouts.
personalized – you can learn wherever and whenever you want. Fifteen minutes of your coffee break, late night, weekend afternoon -  you choose when and for how long you want to learn.

individual – the program of any good e-learning course is adjusted to your needs and expectations. It’s like a one-on-one tuition, where you set the pace: devote more time to what is problematic for you and skip the material that you’ve already mastered.


What is the e-learn Polish platform?

To learn about our online Polish language courses, visit us at, where you will find all information about this breakthrough learning system!






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