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Image One-year intensive group course 2017/18 Apply now   

Work&study course. The course is designed for those who want to work for Polish or international companies or study in Polish at universities; for all who need to develop their language skills in order to participate in lectures or meetings in their offices.
During the course students will develop the following language skills: reading, writing, speaking and comprehension.


overcoming communication barriers
independence in dealing with various situations  
learn vocabulary necessary to work and study in Polish

The course is made up of two modules. During the first module students will learn general Polish language. During the second students will learn vocabulary according to their specific needs and interests.

One year course
314 lessons 2 classes a day, five times a week from Monday to Friday 02.10.2017-31.05.2018 Apply

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The course includes

communication exercises
grammar classes
classes based on specific topics, including professional vocabulary
working with text
creating own texts
e-learning course
consultation with the teacher

CPS uses modern teaching methods such as language and drama games, conversation, audio and video materials. We use the most contemporary textbooks and materials according to the level and needs of the students.

 Due to holidays the lessons will not be provided:

1 and 6 January 2017; 17,17 April 2017; 1,3 May 2017; 4,15 of June 2017, 15 August 2017; 1, 11 November 2017; 24 December 2017 - 1 January 2018; 2 April 2018, 1,2,3,May 2018


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