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At the end of every course, each student of CPS&Aspre  is given a certificate confirming his/her competencies in Polish language at an indicated level of advancement. These certificates, however useful (students usually submit them to potential employers), are not legally valid and recognized in the same way as state certificates, issued by the National Committee of Certification of Polish as a Foreign Language.


There are three levels of certificates in Polish language:

- elementary;

- intermediate;

- advanced.


In order to obtain a certificate in Polish as a foreign language, recognized i.e. by state universities, one must take a certification exam organized by the National Committee of Certification of Polish as a Foreign Language. Dates of exams and exact requirements for taking an exam are available on the website of the Committee at (information only available in Polish).


To take an exam, one must:

- fill in the application form available at;

- pay an examination charge to the Committee's account (the amount depends on the level of exam).


The Committee informs exam-takers about the date and place of their exam via e-mail and traditional mail.


If you would like to take a certificate exam in Polish as a Foreign Language you will find useful our certificate preparatory courses. During the courses the students are taught not only Polish language, but also the ability of passing language exams.




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