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We offer e-learning course that is basically a way of learning which can support your learnng process.Compared to traditional classroom learning, e-learning can bring you numerous benefits, as it is:

Time-saving – you can learn at your home or office, via Internet, so you no longer need to commute to the classroom 

Comfortable – all you need for e-learning is your personal computer with Internet connection, instead of a text book, copy-book and tens of handouts.

Personalized – you can learn wherever and whenever you want. Fifteen minutes of your coffee break, late night, weekend afternoon -  you choose when and for how long you want to learn.

Individual – the program of any good e-learning course is adjusted to your needs and expectations. It’s like a one-on-one tuition, where you set the pace: devote more time to what is problematic for you and skip the material that you’ve already mastered.


Courses include:                                               

·         e-learming course on levels: Starter, A0, A1

·         practical lessons like visiting a restaurant or doctor, traveling and many more

·         interactive exercises, dialogs, and interesting texts

·         tests and a certificate given at the end of the course

·         grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary

·         at your own pace you will polish your speaking, writing, reading and listening skills

·         unlimited access to your course for 30 days      

·         course available 24h/7

·         free consultations with a teacher

·         technical support

·         free dictionary and a book with CD

·         MP3 recordings with lessons so you can repeat while walking, driving or even cooking



E- learning course
Individual Starter Course Business Starter Course Individual Course A1 level Business Course A1 level
135 PLN

 143 PLN

 145 PLN

155 PLN





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