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(* almost 100% according to the student's evaluations from CPS&Aspre)

Elena, Spain

Learning Polish has been a very interesting and rewarding experience and it has made my life in Poland much easier, so I'm very thankful to the school and Kasia.

Elsa Amm

It's my 3rd course in the Centrum, I learn a lot. The teachers are so nice and what is so important we all the time speak Polish in the class. The administration is helpful. They are active and creative trying all the time to do new activities for us. I just feel at home! Ps. We have cookies all the time in the clas! :)

Cheng Zhou, Austria

I started to learn Polish half year ago in The Centre for Polish Studies. For me it was the right choice. I can feel my improvement everyday and make a lot of new contacts. Furthermore I am really recommending The Centre for Polish Studies for every foreigner who is interested to stay and work in Poland.

Kasia Sugar, USA

Na pewno wrócę na kurs intensywny w następnym roku. To jest warte pieniądzy, jeśli chcesz uczyć się polskiego duĹźo i szybko.

Patricia Gunning, US embassy in poland

I highly recommend The Centre for Polish Studies in Warsaw. It is an excellent school for English speakers to learn Polish.

The teachers came to class organized with well prepared lesson plans. They used a variety of methods to present and review the materials. The teacher kept the class interesting through class participation, role playing, and interactively with games that were enjoyable and reinforced the lessons.

The teachers were always friendly, open and helpful.

Cindy Whitacre, US embassy in poland

I would like to recommend the teaching services of Ms. Anna Jurewicz - Sawa and the Centre for Polish Studies. [The teacher] made the learning experience fun with games and exercises during classroom time. She also organized outside activities and trips where students could practice their language skills in the local environment.

Krystsina Turner, US embassy in poland

As one of the US Embassy Warsaw's Polish language students, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere pleasure with the language program at the US Embassy. [...] Thanks to [the teacher] I have no problem communicating with people at work and in my personal life. [She] has always been well prepared for classes and has up-to-date and useful information. In addition to general grammar and exercises, we also watched movies, listened to music and read and listened to the latest news. [She] would always answer all of my questions regarding Polish lnaguage and Poland, which transformed our lessons into lessons not so much about the Polish language itself but about Poland in general.

Paolo Baldini, Bank Pekao SA 

Ms. Jurewicz - Sawa was my teacher of Polish language for three years. Her knowledge and experience allow for a cooperative learning process, making me able to learn the language quickly and without unnecessary stress. [...] She is well organized and creative.

Keiko Sakata, Embassy of Japan in Poland

Learning the local language is very important when you are living abroad, especially in Poland. [...] A key to learning a language is definitely a professional teacher. I luckily have a very professional teacher and always cannot wait for the next lesson. My teacher has her unique devices to make a lesson fun and encourages and motivates me to study.

Helen Geeson, UK

I have found [the teacher] to be punctual, reliable and diligent. Her lessons were always well prepared, with a mix of conversation, reading/writing and grammar.

Jesse, USA

The teacher does a good job of keeping the class interesting, choosing interesting readings, and topics of discussion. I particularly appreciate her repetition of vocabulary.

Bill, USA

I am feeling more confident going out shopping and the lessons are very helpful.

Valeria, USA

All materials used by our teacher were very interesting , helpful. My teacher is best Polish teacher I ever had!!!

Stephanie, USA

My teacher is excellent. She is able to accurately gage the progress of each student in the class. In addition she is able to identify students problem areas and address any difficulties promptly.

Lindsey, UK

My teacher is friendly, professional, helpful, enthusiastic. Sharing information about Poland and Polish traditions - very nice!

Simon, UK

Very good, enjoyable lessons.

Mathilda, Germany

I took an individual, specially tailored 2 - week Polish course in November 2005. Everything was perfectly organised and even though I only had a 2 -week - course, the atmosphere was very welcoming and personal. The setting was perfect, right in the center of Warsaw, and the lessons were very instructing and never boring.

When enrolling, I asked whether it was possible to get some teaching in medical Polish (which might be useful for my job): Anna turned up with a whole book on medical Polish designed for foreign medical students in Poland, and information on where I could get more vocabulary.

The teachers have a very high standard and are very experienced: and very patient!

I recommend this institution to everybody who seriously wants to learn Polish!

Marge, USA

I have been attending a private course once a week.The course is geared to what I need.

Am still growing in my knowledge of grammar and vocabulary!

My teacher is always prepared for the lessons, is able to explain well. She is also very kind, helpful, and answers all my questions.

Anja, Niemcy

Uczestniczyłam w indywidualnych zajęciach języka polskiego przez pół roku. Teksty o Polsce były ciekawe - tak samo jak póĹşniejsza dyskusja o nich. Bardzo cenna była teĹź moĹźliwość zdania testów języka polskiego jako obcego razem z nauczycielką. Moja nauczycielka była wspaniała, chętnie zawsze przynosiła dodatkowe materiały.

Ćwiczenia, które pisałam o moich biurowych zadaniach - czyli teksty z prawdziwego Ĺźycia, pomagały mi w codziennej pracy.

Nauczyłam się wielu poĹźytecznych zwrotów. Miałam teĹź wraĹźenie, Ĺźe nauczycielka w podobny sposób mówi jak ja, co dodatkowo mi pomagało w znalezieniu słów dla wyraĹźenia swoich myśli o doświadczeniach w Polsce.

Claus Ritter, Germany

I am a freelance conference interpreter and translator from Germany. For almost three years I have been learning Polish, a beautiful but difficult language.

In October 2006 I attended a private tuition course at the Centre for Polish Studies in Warsaw. Before the course started I took the initial "diagnosis" test which I found very useful. During the course I learnt a lot and grew both in grammar, vocabulary and idiomatic expressions. The teachers were very well prepared and knew how to tailor the lectures to my real demands. But not only this, they were very kind, understanding and helpful. I very much appreciated the friendly atmosphere at the Centre which gave me also a flavour of Polish hospitality.

I will come back, this is for sure.

Felix Meining, Germany

I attended a two weeks language course at The Center for Polish Sudies in Summer 2006 with lessons five days a week. I came with some recently acquired basic knowledge and little speaking practice.

I had lessons partly in a small group and partly individually in order to adapt as much as possible to my stage of knowledge.

With a wide range of teaching materials the teachers made us familiar with grammar and vocabulary and with life in Poland and Warsaw and made us speak.

We got to know some interesting places in and around Warsaw with their cultural and historical significance, accompanied by one of the teachers.

I made tangible progress thanks to the friendly, helpful and patient teachers.
I'll come back and learn more.

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