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Image Certificate Preparatory Group Courses Apply now

CPS offers courses for those who want to prepare themselves to passing Certificate Exams at levels: B1, B2, C2.
This course is recommended to all who already have the basic knowledge necessary for the exam, but still wish to
exercise and develop their skills. Please note: foreigners who like to apply for Polish citizenship are required to pass the certification exam on B1 level. The certificate has been required since 2012. The exam consists of five parts: reading comprehension, writing, listening, grammar, and speaking.

 After course such a student will:

-obtain information about the certification system in Poland

-learn about types of exercises and techniques of passing each section: grammar, reading comprehension, speaking, writing and listening, comprehension

-complete sample tests and then analyse their results

-learn how to manage time during the test

-consult their needs and concerns with the teacher


To find out more about Certificate exams' dates click here:

Most of written exercises students are asked to do at home. We discuss tests and check the written work during classes.

We start preparatory courses at three levels: B1, B2, C2.

Number of classes during the  course




30 (one class is 45 minutes)

90 minutes twice a week

720 PLN


Fee = 720 PLN

Included in the fee: 

2 lessons a week (90 minutes each lesson)
supplementary materials
consultations with the teacher

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What do you need for the Certificate Examination:

- employers demand a certificate in Polish as a foreign language from foreigners applying for positions requiring communication in the language

- educational authorities in several countries recognize a certificate in Polish as a document certifying the command of an additional foreign language, which entitles students to obtain additional points during a matriculation examination

- thanks to positive results of the examination, foreigners, from whom Polish employers require a certificate in Polish as a foreign language may more easily conclude job contracts for undetermined period of time and obtain residence permits in Poland. 

- students that would like to study at the Polish Universities need to pass the certificare examination 

- some foreigners who apply for Polish citizenship have to pass the exam on B1 level. 

For more information, please contact us. Thank you.


Image Exam Preparatory Courses for Financiers Apply now

According to union law presidents of banks and insurence companies if they want to work Poland they have to pass exam in from Financial Comitee. CPS offers courses for those who want to prepare themselves to passing Financial Exam. The exam consists of three parts: reading comprehension, listening and speaking. Candidates should know the Polish financial market, financial law and the structure of their company. 
The person who wants to pass the exam should be on level B1. To reach this level you need to have done 360 lessons (45 minutes) if you are the beginner. 

Number of classes during the entire course


Price for each level


Level A1 60 (one class is 45 minutes)

Level A2 60 (one class is 45 minutes)

Level B1 60 (one class is 45 minutes)

90 minutes twice a week

1440 PLN


Fee for each level = 1440 PLN
We will make every attempt to meet the needs of our participants,
so please feel free to contact our office.

*In the event that there are too few participants registered for a course, we reserve the right to either cancel or modify the course.

For more info please look General Conditions page.

Due to holidays lessons will not be provided: 1 and 6 January 2019; 17,21 April 2019; 1,3 May 2019; 9,20 of June 2019, 15 of August 2019; 1, 11,12 November 2019; 24 December 2019 - 1 January 2020

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